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My Five Favorite things in January

It’s finally January and I’m trying to control my shopping addiction by making a New Years resolution to only buy amazing and unique clothing pieces (cross your fingers!). Here are my must have pieces and favorite looks that I’m diggin’ on this January—

1. Leather sleeved coats


I love leather sleeved anything and therefore, must have a leather sleeved coat. It’s fresh and gives off an edgy vibe. I am dying for this Club Monaco jacket—unfortunately it is sold out everywhere I look!

2. Layers on Layers…on layers


I love this look! Layering a sweater over a button down with a necklace just looks so J. Crew chic and put together!

3. Statement jewelry


I love this J. Crew Pave Link bracelet! So gorgeous and would look great stacked on top of my Marc by Marc Jacobs watch with other small gold bracelets. :)

4. Letterman jacket


I just bought this letterman sweater jacket at Madewell and am obsessed with it! I want to wear it everywhere and every day. The color is stunning and the sweater sleeves are so comfortable! It’s so different than anything in my wardrobe and is quickly becoming my new go to piece! 

5. Chunky knits


It’s finally starting to get pretty cold in the good ol’ Colorado, meaning I need to start layering sweaters to stay warm! This is one of my favorite scarves—the Donni Snug from Donni Charm (to get a special discount use the promo code nsewell30). It’s so chic and SO warm! I might even have it in two colors…ooopps.

Layers of Lace

Lately, I have really been liking the trend of pairing an outfit with some lace.  There is something so feminine and ladylike about lace.  It is so pretty and really can add a boost to your outfit ensemble.  Lace is generally a cream or white color, but don’t be afraid to branch out and wear some colored lace!


One thing I have been dying to get (thanks to Pinterest) is a lace-layered skirt or a pair of well-fitting lace shorts.  I’ve found a few lace bottoms out there, but I have yet to find perfection.  As far as shorts go, make sure they aren’t too tight and if they are layered, find a pair where the layers fall in a good place.  When pairing lace bottoms, keep the top simpler, either a solid color or a minimal print (like polka dots).


Another lace piece I’ve been loving is a full lace dress.  As far as a lace dress goes, you can go as formal or as casual as you want with it.  Pair it with sandals and a hat for a casual and chic summer look or throw on some heels for a night on the town.


For more lace looks I’m loving, check out my pinterest


Lately I’ve noticed cut-outs trending.  I love a good cut out in a top or dress.  A correctly placed cut out can add interest or detail to an outfit or enhance your figure.  Cut-outs can be super sexy or cute and fun.  Just remember there is a line to how much is too much.  Keep cut-outs subtle, showing only a touch of skin, and try to leave a little to the imagination :)

I love a dress or top with a cut-out design on the side.  Again, keep it classy—don’t go overboard with skin showing!


Another cut-out trend I’m digging on is a cut-out and open back.  I LOVE an interesting back in an outfit.  I feel like it adds so much to an outfit when you have a cute dress from the front and BAM! an amazing dress from the back!


For more ideas and cut-out looks check out my Pinterest

Happy Feet

Since it has finally started to feel a little more like spring, I decided to focus on the some of the hottest shoe trends for this spring and summer.  There are a lot of new shoe trends for the warm weather, but here are my favorite three!


1. Desert Sand Boots

If I see a well-dressed man wearing Clarks boots, I’m seriously like “Date me now.”  Obviously, I’ve always loved a pair of Clarks desert boots on men, but lately these suede boots have been making a huge statement on women’s feet.  I absolutely love these desert-sand, Clarks-esque shoes! Pair them with a pair of jeans and a button down and you are good to go!

2. Color blocked shoes

Color Block is a huge trend in clothing, but it is also trending in shoes this season.  These are so fun, and really give your outfit an extra pop.

3. Wedges

Wedges are also a huge trend this season and you can find them everywhere!  They come in all different heel heights and in patterns or solids!

For more shoe trends, check out my Pinterest!

Dress Like an Egyptian

Tribal Prints are trending this spring!  You can literally find a tribal print anywhere and in any style you desire!!  I’m seriously loving this trend—it is so colorful and fun!


Like I said, you can find anything your heart desires in a tribal print, but for the sake of not having this blog be ridiculously long I’m going to focus on two of my favorite tribal items—jewelry and bottoms.  As far as jewelry goes, I love how intricate it is and that a lot of the jewelry items are beaded.  If you want just a little bit of Cleopatra flair, try adding a great pair of tribal earrings or a great necklace.


Another tribal trend I’m really digging on is having a great tribal bottom like a skirt or a pair of pants.  Since tribal is a pretty busy and colorful print, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral.  A slouchy sweater or plain white V-neck looks great and effortless.  If you do want to mix prints, try a very subtle printed top so it doesn’t take away from your great tribal bottom.

For more ideas about how to get the Cleopatra look, visit my Pinterest!

Pretty in Pastel

Flowers are blooming, grass is growing and the birds are chirming…spring has finally sprung in Colorado!  I’m on spring break right now, so I may be getting a little spring slaphappy.  Even though I talked about a color pop being a huge trend this year, taking it down a notch and wearing a muted color is also trending.  In other words, I’ve really been diggin’ on everything pastel!  I’ve been liking these ever since Louis Vuitton came out with their Spring 2012 collection (see below).


 And as seen in Glamour magazine (below). These muted colors are really only something I see being a trend this spring and summer, but I still love pastels nonetheless.  It’s the one time where the more you look like an Easter egg, the better.

I’m really liking pastels as a bottom.  Pastel jeans are huge right now…they are just so pretty and feminine!  I also like pastels in skirts, shorts and pants…I feel you just can’t go wrong.  Try wearing your pastel bottom with a neutral like tan or white or throw on a chambray button down.  Also, try pairing pastel bottoms with black, prints (like stripes), or lace to get a little crazy!  I feel like this gives you a really effortless look that’s simple and pretty, but chic!

Although I don’t usually suggest this, piling on different hues of a pastel color or many pastel colors sort of looks awesome!  Keep the shoes simple and neutral though.  If you are going to look like an Easter bunny, you might as well go all out!

Check out my Pinterest for more ideas on how to pair pastels!

YSL: Remembering a Legend

Yesterday I went to the opening of the Yves Saint Laurent: A Retrospective exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.  YSL was a French designer and one of the greatest names in fashion history.  At the exhibit, there were over 200 YSL haute couture garments that were absolutely incredible.  Through the exhibit I really got to learn so much about YSL as a designer and his work aesthetic.  For instance, I had no idea that Yves Saint Laurent was the head at the House of Dior before creating the YSL fashion house.


The exhibit featured garments from his first collection to his last.  This room in the exhibit was incredible…this is part of two walls fully done in YSL’s iconic variations of women’s tuxes. They were originally called “le smoking” jackets, which I thought was sort of awesome!

 This was the other part of the room with tons and tons of stunning YSL red-carpet dresses.

YSL was inspired by cities all over the world and various collections reflected this.

This garment was one of my favorites and was inspired by a Spanish matador! So gorgeous, but so feminine…love it!

YSL was also inspired by different artists like Andy Warhol, Van Gogh, Picasso, among others! This jacket was hand-beaded to look like Van Gogh’s “Irises” painting. It was seriously amazing!!!

This was also inspired by art and was one of my favorite pieces at the exhibit!

The YSL exhibit is open till July 8, 2012 and I encourage to go if you love fashion!! It was absolutely incredible and pieces are just stunning!

Party in the back

Something that is really big right now is a high-low skirt (or dress) also known as the “mullet skirt” as it’s short in the front and long in the back.  I seriously need to buy one of these—I love them!  They are like a refined maxi-skirt and part mini and are super fabulous!  They look great in a print or a solid!  Throw on a pair of heels, sandals, or wedges and you are good to go! 


You can pair the skirts with about any top or accessory and they look ultra chic!  However, I don’t think this is an item to just buy without trying on—some I’ve found look frumpy and almost witch-like…so beware!  Also try not to look like a gypsy…that could get weird!


I am also obsessed with the dresses!  They look great belted at the waist if the dress is billowy.


Again check out my Pinterest for more ideas how you can wear a high-low skirt and look fierce!

Wild Thing

As many of you know, I am a crazy cat lady (in training), so it only seemed appropriate that I blogged about how to wear my favorite feline friend: leopard.


Leopard is very easy to wear and it looks fabulous with everything.  For a touch of it, try a simple accessory like a scarf, shoes, bag, belt, jewelry, etc.  Just change out a basic accessory you normally wear for a leopard item.  For example, if you are wearing black pumps sub them out for leopard and look instantly fierce!!!


Spice it up a notch by wearing leopard on top as a sweater or blouse.  You can even add a black blazer, a leather skirt, or a pair of colored jeans to your leopard top for a real pop.


If you really want to take on the wild side, try doing a completele leopard ensemble or a leopard bottom.  Leopard print jeans are super hot right now! Leopard can be used as a neutral, so don’t be afraid to mix different prints with your leopard!


Check out my Pinterest for more fierce leopard pairings and links for where to buy my feline friend! Meow!